Your name poem

Are poets allowed to use a thesaurus? The headlines are amiss and congested with private profiles. Resist asking ehow why the interior design is incomplete and Google your name She is a diamond jewler There is more than grief here Our fingers swipe mass graves Reblog Your time is up. Calming distraction knows no comfort […]

poetry will not save us

It doesn’t surprise me I scroll past you Over and over Scanning for inconsistencies       I’m not even sure if you can see me If I am blocked If we have been replaced by avatars You don’t even Like my politics   Maybe this is why I feel so alone? My wrist throbs My […]

i need to feel endless in both directions

i need to feel endless in both directions The stand in holds the ground where something is missing.  In the digital, neoliberal world, everything can replace everything, and everything must be replaced. But every shift, every drift away also announces a fracturing, a trauma. Witness, watching, seeing and being seen are redefined as capital in […]