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people who are drowning don’t look like they are drowning   looking back i wish you’d given me things to relive my suffering   i can’t afford anything anymore but to drown in debt is a privilege   …your faggotry was more expensive than expected   when i am sad i shop and i shop […]

Let the end times roll…

#1   Can’t remember She always said, as if willing it to be true There was a leak in the ceiling and the floral wallpaper soaked everything up turning it black A crack formed there In memoriam of a time when she still looked up Years ago a young girl told me “There was blood […]

i need to feel endless in both directions

i need to feel endless in both directions The stand in holds the ground where something is missing.  In the digital, neoliberal world, everything can replace everything, and everything must be replaced. But every shift, every drift away also announces a fracturing, a trauma. Witness, watching, seeing and being seen are redefined as capital in […]

The bastard lovechild of Thomas Hirschhorn and Tracey Emin

    Over the past year I created an extensive number of digital collages that I am transforming into a large-scale installation entitled Insanely Great; The bastard lovechild of Thomas Hirschhorn and Tracey Emin. Presently, this project consists of a ten-foot high, thirty-foot long wall constructed from sheet cardboard and colourful duct tape, that is […]


#1 My feet are getting cold. Too much time piled up Against me. I do not hope anymore, Except in secret… Where I build elaborate lies in honour of your beauty. I build them around the sharp fragments I cannot bare to look at any longer. But still their shapes haunt me, Wrapped in my […]