Your name poem

Are poets allowed to use a thesaurus? The headlines are amiss and congested with private profiles. Resist asking ehow why the interior design is incomplete and Google your name She is a diamond jewler There is more than grief here Our fingers swipe mass graves Reblog Your time is up. Calming distraction knows no comfort […]

The bastard lovechild of Thomas Hirschhorn and Tracey Emin

    Over the past year I created an extensive number of digital collages that I am transforming into a large-scale installation entitled Insanely Great; The bastard lovechild of Thomas Hirschhorn and Tracey Emin. Presently, this project consists of a ten-foot high, thirty-foot long wall constructed from sheet cardboard and colourful duct tape, that is […]

The See

The See, graphic book, risograph printed by Paper Pusher (2013) A long time ago in a place where all was not understood, not a thing made sense and I was very much smaller than everyone else. Where landscapes disintegrate and bodies fragment, where the surface is shinier, a distressed narrator struggles to form a sense of self. If […]