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people who are drowning don’t look like they are drowning   looking back i wish you’d given me things to relive my suffering   i can’t afford anything anymore but to drown in debt is a privilege   …your faggotry was more expensive than expected   when i am sad i shop and i shop […]

Let the end times roll…

#1   Can’t remember She always said, as if willing it to be true There was a leak in the ceiling and the floral wallpaper soaked everything up turning it black A crack formed there In memoriam of a time when she still looked up Years ago a young girl told me “There was blood […]

Digital Feelings and the Last Say

  i need to say something i need to say something i need to say something       i need to say something     words lips hopes bloodied     i dreamt about another world last night wrapped up in my covers a deja vu consciously not here not here not now   […]

Your name poem

Are poets allowed to use a thesaurus? The headlines are amiss and congested with private profiles. Resist asking ehow why the interior design is incomplete and Google your name She is a diamond jewler There is more than grief here Our fingers swipe mass graves Reblog Your time is up. Calming distraction knows no comfort […]

poetry will not save us

It doesn’t surprise me I scroll past you Over and over Scanning for inconsistencies       I’m not even sure if you can see me If I am blocked If we have been replaced by avatars You don’t even Like my politics   Maybe this is why I feel so alone? My wrist throbs My […]


#1 My feet are getting cold. Too much time piled up Against me. I do not hope anymore, Except in secret… Where I build elaborate lies in honour of your beauty. I build them around the sharp fragments I cannot bare to look at any longer. But still their shapes haunt me, Wrapped in my […]