Ring the Bells

  Collaboration with Sam Jones (N. Ireland) The project ‘ring the bells that still can ring’ is situated in Worpswede in the North of Germany.  We were invited as part of an international project to commemorate the death of the painter Paula Moderson Becker. The organization of this event reflected a self-invested interest in the cultural […]

Kampf der Alten

Working with a youth theatre group in Weimar, our collective (Zoe Kreye, Steven Brown, Mark Hansen and myself) set out to create a collaborative performance project with elderly people at the local retirement home for actors. The intergenerational project used installation, acting and music to tell the two life stories of the elder men. This […]

YouTube 2006

In this project I construct a series of internet personas on YouTube. Within the frame of current global internet communities, I aimed to highlight how identity formation, representation and the media on the internet relates to surveillance. These constructed personas interacted with each other and the YouTube community to problematize concepts of visibility/representation as legitimacy […]

MacMeyer Palliative Project: loss is okay

Since 2005, I have been collaborating with artist Hazel Meyer (under the pseudonym The MacMeyer P_______ Project) in various Canadian cities creating localized interventions and performances. ­­­­The MacMeyer Palliative Project: loss is okay used visual catalysts such as tape graffiti, guerilla mosaics and ribbon-breaking ceremonies, in an attempt to rethink the current paradigm for dealing […]


Touched is a site-specific installation and public performative intervention in which I dust for fingerprints in both the gallery and city, mapping the physical body in relation to touch. The combination of performative action and forensic methods are used to expose the unseen motion of human touch and its relation to the shifting political climates […]

Hold my hand

  In Hold My Hand I placed an ad in local newspapers inviting people to hold my hand in public while sitting on a park bench. I proposed to hold hands with each person for ten minutes and the participants were encouraged to negotiate all the details with me (when, where, how etc) based on […]

Play Group

Play Group is a weekly laboratory of mind expanding experiments in performance art …. bringing a fine bunch of serious n’ playful women artists together to share process & works in progress both in & outdoors since January 1999. 2003 Members: Sylvie Cotton, Louise Dubreuil, Nicole Fournier, Zoé Kreye, Marnie Macdonald, Taliesin Mcenaney, Marie-Andrée Rho, […]