YouTube 2006

08. MacCormack

In this project I construct a series of internet personas on YouTube. Within the frame of current global internet communities, I aimed to highlight how identity formation, representation and the media on the internet relates to surveillance. These constructed personas interacted with each other and the YouTube community to problematize concepts of visibility/representation as legitimacy and manipulation as safety/security, while simultaneously initiating dialogue and critique of these same processes. Seven channels/personas were created, together uploading a total of 70 videos.

09. MacCormack (Jena surveillance cameras) (stop-motion animation grafitti) (text based video critical discourse) (poetic videos) (stories from a retired news cameraman) (a young man critiques popular YouTube personalities and videos) (narcissism?)


related subjects : 2006, activism, animation, anti-capitalist, collaborations, community, feminism, institutional critique, internet, intervention, performance, pop culture, site-specific, social media, text, video