Red Thread

In 2007 I tied a quote from the CPT report about the human rights violations happening at the local youth prison (Weimar) to the prison fence. With six balls of yarn, and intending to make it to the center of town, I began slowly walking away from the prison letting the red thread fall behind me and follow me.

13. MacCormack

“A few hours later I got the courage to go and see what had happened with the string. To my surprise, it had been moved further into the city, quite a ways from where I had left it. This meant somebody had continued my task after I left it.  I followed the string, curious to see where it would take me. It blew across the road in front of the Gauforum and continued on its way. There were so many people everywhere, I watched a frustrated couple trying to untangle their baby carriage from the thread.  I found the other end at the crosswalk, it was in a young boys hand. He was crossing the street… I watched him continue towards town dragging the thread behind him.”

related subjects : 2007, criminalization, intervention, mental health, performance, sexual assault, site-specific