Play Group

Play Group is a weekly laboratory of mind expanding experiments in performance art …. bringing a fine bunch of serious n’ playful women artists together to share process & works in progress both in & outdoors since January 1999.

2003 Members: Sylvie Cotton, Louise Dubreuil, Nicole Fournier, Zoé Kreye, Marnie Macdonald, Taliesin Mcenaney, Marie-Andrée Rho, Karen Spencer, Dagmara Stephan.

Past Members: Sylvie Cotton, Nathalie Derome, Louise Dubreuil, Tagny Duff, Rachel Echenberg, Nicole Fournier, Jessica MacCormack, Marnie Macdonald, Taliesin Mcenaney, Lou Nelson, Christiane Patenaude, Marie-Andrée Rho, Vida Simon, Karen Spencer, Victoria Stanton, Dagmara Stephan .



related subjects : 2003, collaborations, feminism, performance, surreal